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this is about Dexter seasons 5 and 6 so if you haven't been keeping up I recommend that you refrain from continuing. If you haven't read Dexter Morgan (Tonight's the Night) then I also recommend going back and reading that too.

After Rita died
Things seemed to go dark.
A slice on each cheek,
No longer leaving my mark.
But then I found Fowler,
A great kill he would be,
Until he used a dart gun,
And to sleep he put me.
Later I killed him
And I thought it was done,
But then I'd been seen,
Lumen, only one...
So I patched her all up
And took care of her so,
But she told me a story,
One I needed to know.
"There was more than one culprit
Who did this to me"
And the hunting began,
United were we.
There was the dentist,
Dan was his name,
And he'd fooled me at first
Until I saw through his game.
Then jacket man, Cole,
The protector of Chase,
He tried to kill Lumen
But then I won the race.
Cole's final words
Were not pleasant to hear,
So we dismembered him quickly
And dropped him off at the pier.
Then Alex Timmons,
The banker we'd found,
Got just desserts,
Karma came around.
Finally there is Jordan,
"Tick Tick Tick" was his phrase
And when he kidnapped Lumen
Numbered were his days.
I tracked him back down,
To a cabin of age,
And when he threatened me
I was flowing with rage.
I took the advantage
then I strapped him down,
But then Lumen killed chase.
My soulmate I'd found.
But Her darkness fled quickly
She expressed this to me,
And so I let her go too,
Alone I shall be.
But here I am now,
A year in the past,
Saying things have gone wrong
But they've been righted quite fast.
Depression had grasped me,
But life couldn't be better.
Until new bodies turned up
Marked With a fatal new letter.
Religion is staring me,
Deep in the face,
And there's no time to squander
This is quite the race.
I must find DDK
And put an end to their crimes,
But with angels and horses
This could be end-times.
Travis Marshall and Gellar,
They're the one's who will pay,
But when I found Gellar's body
I had nothing to say.
I was wrong, this was bad,
Travis worked alone,
My thoughts were influenced,
But I should have known.
It's time to get to it,
He thinks he knows wrath?
He has no damn idea
But I'll show him at last.
Your thoughts are delusions,
Your life soon a feast,
But it's for my dark passenger,
It takes beast to catch beast


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Robb Matthew
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'm an American artist, and see most forms of creativity as art. Music, drawing, painting, writing, and designing are the different things that I love doing, and that I do relatively well. My specialty is logo design, but I'm also impartial to poster, business card, and letterhead design. Please feel free to contact me at…
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